The Rematch

Mrs. Peel vs. Miss Pegram

The First Was Emma's Toughest Fight. This Will Be Even Tougher.

     Emma Peel engaged in a number of catfights on "The Avengers." But by far her toughest opponent was the wicked Miss Pegram in " The 50,000 Pound Breakfast ."

     Mrs. Peel and Steed are called on to investigate a dodgy financial firm that keeps producing dead bodies. She quickly sizes up their foes.

    "Miss Pegram," Emma says of the only woman in the gang, "is the tough one."

     Steed is surprised, but Mrs. Peel (played by the great Diana Rigg) is proven correct. It's the very toughness of Miss Pegram (played by British actress Yolande Turner) that gives the scene its spark. 

     "Miss Pegram's fight with Emma at the end is exciting because she is able to go toe-to-toe with our heroine," one critic writes .

     Another attributes the viciousness of the battle to Miss Pegram's role as the "anti-Mrs. Peel." Instead of inheriting her fortune, as Emma did, Miss Pegram had to work her way up in a man's world, sometimes ruthlessly. At some point,  she crossed a line that places her on a collusion course with Mrs. Peel.

     They say opposites attract, and they do here -- violently. Their meeting  is the explosive climax of the episode.

     "Avengers" fans know Mrs. Peel won the fight (click on the photos above for more). But they may not know Miss Pegram demanded -- and received -- a rematch.

     We have the rematch for you, in all its hair-pulling, body-slamming, woman-crushing glory. Enjoy! 
Diana Rigg as
Mrs. Peel
Yolande Turner as
Miss Pegram 
The two women engage in a bedroom brawl!
Bet you never thought you'd see Emma get head-scissored!
Mrs. Peel
Miss Pegram

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A Second Time, With Feeling

`You are mine!'
`Bring it
For this match, Miss Pegram, left, and Mrs. Peel meet under
Girls Fight Club rules -- which means, anything goes! 
And the women immediately go for the hair! Their first battle was noticeable for a lack a Hair Pulling, but here they make up for lost time.


Suddenly yanking hair forward at the same time, the women crack their heads together, and fall to their knees, stunnned... 


Mrs. Peel lands a Belly Shot and Miss Pegram counters with a right cross, before the two women deliver simultaneoushaymakers!


As they look to lock up again, Miss Pegram lands a kick to Emma's midsection!
Miss Pegram can't resist the great length of Emma's locks just hanging there, and uses it to throw her over the shoulder  with a classic Hair Mare!

`Up We Go!'

`Meet My Foot'

The women trade punches and hair grabbing!


Miss Pegram gets a Face Buster! Now it's Emma's chance to deal out some pain...
Emma drags Miss Pegram up by the hair, and then beats her on both sides!


This time it's Mrs. Peel with the Hair Mare,
and Miss Pegram hits the canvas hard!

Only Her Hairdresser Knows

Emma yanks Miss Pegram back on her feet -- only to take an elbow to the stomach!
Miss Pegram follows that up with a vicious elbow to the jaw, then sets up Mrs. Peel...
...for a Snap Mare With the Hair!
Miss Pegram is Standing on Her Hair! A ladies wrestling stand-by...
Miss Pegram actually lifts Mrs. Peel off the ground and throws her to the ground! 
After Mrs. Peel's hard landing, Miss Pegram stands on both her hands
and yanks hard her long curls. Emma tells her what she thinks...
...and takes a left to the jaw in return!
Once more Miss Pegram lifts Emma off the floor...
...and sends her flying with a Hair Toss!


Look Out,

Miss Pegram looks to put Emma away with a Back Splash!

One Good Pull...


Timing it perfectly, Mrs. Peel rolls out of the way, and Miss Pegram hits floor!


Then Mrs. Peel jumps and lands on Miss Pegram, belly to belly!
`About that hair-pulling...' 
Mrs. Peel takes control, with knees to stomach and face!
Mrs. Peel delivers a Monkey Flip from a standing position...


...the goes for a Big Splash!

Bosom Buddies

But Mrs. Peel lands on Miss Pegram's suddenly raised feet! Then grabbing a hold of her long hair and giving a big kick, Miss Pergam sends Emma flying!
Miss Pegram lands her Big Splash!
But what is this? Not the Breast Smother!
Ah, this uniquely female move is both devastating and humiliating. Truly a crowd favorite, too.
As Emma struggles for breath, Miss Pegram hauls her up, and sets to deliver a...

And an even more painful backhand...



Miss Pegram considers another SLAP!, but sees it's unneeded.

A 100% Chance of Rain

Miss Pegram mounts Mrs. Peel, and pulls her up into a Camel Clutch...
...bending Emma until they can see eye to eye!
Grabbing Mrs. Peel's extra-long locks, Miss Pegram looks for maximum torque... 


...and lets her fly!
Miss Pegram agains climbs atop Emma, and admires her lovely -- and strong -- hair.
Just how strong? Miss Pegram decides to find out.
With a primal yell, Miss Pegram starts ripping it out by the roots! It's a Hair Storm!
It's Emma's turn to scream as auburn strands fill the air! 
It's raining hair! Emma's hair!

The Gift of Submission

The calm after the Hair Storm doesn't bode well for Mrs. Peel. Miss Pegram again  sits astride her, this time tucking Emma's feet under her armpits, hooking her arms, grabbing two handfuls of hair, and pulling!
It's the Power Girl Stretcher, with a Hair Pull -- a submission hold!
With Mrs. Peel too proud to submit, Miss Pegram releases her grip --
and Emma slams face first into the mat!
Miss Pegram takes a peek at her out-cold opponent...
...and celebrates!

Giving the Crowd What It Wants

Mrs. Peel comes to -- only to see her opponent's shapely posterior closing in rapidly! Miss Pegram goes for the humiliating Facesit Pin!
It's a pin count!

Miss Pegram Poses with her victim, then she prepares Mrs. Peel...
...for the ritual trussing-up!
`Never forget who the better
woman is!' 
Miss Pegram hauls Emma to her knees, has a final message her...
'And the winner is...'
'...Miss Pegram!'
...then it's the Trophy Presentation! And the crowd goes wild!
Finally, the Victor carries the Loser out over her shoulder.

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