Bikini Battle Royale

The Only Place to
​Settle This Was at
The Girls Fight Club

Tina and Sylvia had never more than tolerated each other. Finally, their paths crossed once too often. It was time to take it to the Girls Fight Club. Tina's got the long brown braid; Sylvia's the blonde. Enjoy!

Tina Attacks, and Applies a Boston Crab!

`Hey, That's My Hair, Bitch!'

Sylvia Takes Control



Sylvia Straps on the Camel Clutch!

A Blatant Choke-Hold?
Define `Blatant'

It's a Pin!

Note: This match came to us from Fighting Hellcats, No. 4, Nov. 1984, pictured above. "Bikini Battle Royale" was by far the highlight. If anyone knows anything about Tina (oh, to see that hair come out of the braid!) or Sylvia, we'd love to hear. 

Click Here for Part II :
Tina Gets Trussed Up and Carried Away,
While Sylvia Gets a Standing Ovation