Farah the Persian Princess

From the Desert,
With the Greatest Head of Hair in Wrestling History

We know frustratingly little about this gorgeous woman and her lovely locks. Dressed in a harem outfit and billed as Farah the Persian Princess, she wrestled in the 1980s with WOW , the Women of Wrestling organization. ​​​(She has even been  trademarked .)    

The petite beauty was often dominated by larger opponents, in single matches or with tag-team partner Paradise. And her magnificent mane was not wasted, with opponents using it to toss the Princess all around and often out of the ring. It is a joy to watch. 

Yet except for a few videos and photos, there is little record of Farah. This posting on what appears to be a WOW website says she is indeed from Iran. (Adding, helpfully, that "not many women from Iran chose to pursue careers in the sport.")

If we find out more about Farah, we will bring it to you. In the meantime, let's just enjoy what little evidence remains the Persian Princess's days in the ring! We may never see a head of hair like that enter the squared circle again...

Farah Gets Delta Lotta Pain!

See Farah get pulled up, then thrown down, by the hair. Repeatedly. Plus, there's an illegally placed kick. Ouch...

`Now Entering
The Ring...'

Farah and tag-team partner Paradise, another cute little thing, are fan favorites! Which means they're in for a beating...

A Flying Double Take-Down

The Hair Close-Up

Here we take a moment to admire the full of Farah's gorgeous locks, flying behind her as she applies an arm-bar on Jungle Grrrl. The match, below, ends badly for the Persian Princess. Enjoy!

Watch the Video!

A Flying Drop-Kick
To Farah's Chest!

Farah Is Down! Hair Splayed Across the Mat!

The Persian Princess Battles Back!

Farah applies her signature move, the Persian Carpet Ride , yanking her opponent's shoulders from their sockets, followed by a face-first slam. Then the  Persian Princess hauls the broken girl up and sets her up for a body slam!

Farah and Paradise Win!

Watch the Videos!

`Farah Beatdown'

The videos are few, but they are  wonderful. Farah is endlessly yanked and tossed around by that fabulous hair. WOW indeed! All at ​​​ kingofhairpull on YouTube!