Batgirl vs. Joker's Daughter

Or Is It Scarecrow's
Daughter? Or Riddler's?
Just Fight On, Ladies

Batgirl has had an up-and-down career in Gotham, since she was created to help keep the cheesy and wonderful 1960s "Batman" TV show afloat. The show didn't last much longer, but Barbara Gordon and Batgirl have prospered.

Yvonne Craig as the original, TV Batgirl

Yes, really Robin, go home. You aren't wanted.
Throughout all the DC crises and reboots, Batgirl has continued in one form or another. On the screen, she's been portayed Yvonne Craig on the TV show, Alicia Silverstone in the "Batman & Robin" movie, and Dina Meyer as Oracle in TV's "Birds of Prey." 

Yet she's never taken off the wayher male counterpart has. A shame, because Batgirl's a wonderful character. And this rendering of her by Irv Novick and Vince Collette is my favorite. She's long and lean, with thick red hair that just invites pulling. 

This is a slim little tale. And while the Boy Wonder throws a wet blanket on things, there's still that fabulous cover and a terrific fight scene -- well, see for yourself.

Never Interrupt a Superheroine...

...They Kick When Angered

What a terrific fight sequence! With that marvelous cover and this battle, we had the highest of hopes. But the rest of the story -- *spoiler alert* -- is disappointing. There's no final showdown between the women. And, most deflating of all, the Boy Wonder soon shows up. Sigh...

And Here's Robin Now. Zzzz...

...Oh, Batgirl's Back in Action!

She Sails Through the Air...

Yeah, thanks a lot, Robin. Big shocker! Could you just leave and let them settle this woman to woman? What a pain in the butt. We'll never know what the Batman saw in you.

For those who have lost track, Barbara got an award and gave a speech, and some hippie got arrested. But it could have been so much more...