`The Marriage of Anthro'

For a Warmup, History's Very
First Catfight

     He may look like a stone-age doofus, gnawing on a drumstick and idly watching as two lovelies battle for his hand. But, in fact, Anthro is the father of the human race.

    According to the original DC Comics story, Anthro is the "first boy" -- a true human (somehow) born to Neanderthal parents.  

     Anthro betrothed himself to the lovely blond Embra. But, on their wedding day, don't you know, along comes Nima the brunette, also claiming Anthro for her own.

     What's the only way to settle such a disagreement? That's right. A catfight!

      Apparently the tribe has rules that specifically cover this kind of thing, as if it happens all the time. 
​​    Must be a fun place!​Anyhow, we present The Catfight for Anthro. Which lass will become 
​​Anthor's wife and mother of the human race? We all eagerly await the answer! 
​​    "The Marriage of Anthro" (published August 1969) was the sixth and last issue of the Anthro title, which was created, written and illustrated by Howie Post (Wally Wood did the ink for "Marriage"). Despite the short run, Anthro remains in the DC canon and has made several reappearances over the years, playing key roles in Crisis on Infinite Earths and Final Crisis. Post went on to do the daily comic strip, The Dropouts, for many years. But the intensity and beauty of his catfighting scenes tell us he would have had a fine career had he focused on illustrating women's wrestling...

  Cue the Bridal March!

What a lovely scene! The ancient flower children are so representative of the 1960s counterculture era in which they were created.
But who is this? 
Embra must be mortified! Why MY wedding? 

The Challenge

Well, this is certainly an unexpected and interesting development!
A slight smile crosses Nima's face as Embra shoots daggers at her with her eyes.

The Fight

Here we need to stop and give thanks to the wise elders of the Bear tribe (and Howie Post) for coming up with such an enlightened way to settle disputes! And they seem to have the same sensibilities as pro wrestling officials when if comes to rule-breaking. Just the mention of pulling hair means we can expect to see some!
My father-in-law had the same opinion of me!
And here's our hair-pull, with Embra giving Nima a good yank!
And once the dirty stuff starts, anger takes over!
Oh, no!

The Only Solution: Bigamy!

The poor man! From ecstasy to tragedy for Anthro. So which woman became the mother of the human race? As it turns out, Embra ended up as Anthro's wife the mother of his children. What happened to Nima? We just don't know -- though we thank her for leaving us this wonderful record of the first catfight in human history!

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