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Fans of women's wrestling, catfighting and the fine art of hair-pulling, you've come to the right place! 
We are dedicated to this rich genre, with photos and videos, original artwork, literature, comics and more. 
Whether it's in the ring, in the alley, or on the Hollywood stage, if women are going at one another's lustrous locks, we'll bring it to you!

The King spans the globe to bring you the finest in tress-tearing action!

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From Parisian clubs to city apartments to Hollywood, see women through the years engage in that most erotic of competitions -- the catfight! Meow...

Ladies Pro Wrestling

It started with circus strongwomen, and evolved into today's matches that take place in packed arenas and are broadcast to millions. At the bell, ladies, come out fighting! 


Let's thank these beautiful super-ladies for all they've done for the cause, with comics down through the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Ages!

The Girls Fight Club

It's no holds barred as these brave beauties battle for supremacy.  Punching, kicking, choking and merciless hair-pulling are just the start. 

Long Lovely Hair

Blondes, brunettes and redheads, here's lots of long, luscious hair of every shade and hue that's just screaming to be pulled. Ah, we can dream....

Plus! An All-New `Avengers' Story:

An Agent Scorned
When Emma Met Cathy

John Steed's two partners had never crossed paths. Until now. And it's an eventful meeting. The women settle matters in the traditional way, with
Steed a captive viewer. An excerpt:  
     "Get up," said Cathy, literally pulling Emma to her feet by her auburn locks. Emma tried to pry Cathy's hand out of her hair, but then came the *THUD* as Cathy buried a fist into the small of Emma's back. Then came another ... Cathy was pummeling her with rights to the body. Emma flailed, trying to stop the battering, but Cathy just hit her again and again. Finally Emma fell to her knees, Cathy's grip on her hair the only thing keeping her from slipping all the way to the floor....

They Fly Through the Air...

It's Velvet McIntyre vs. Penny Mitchell, with the winner earning a title shot against the Fabulous Moolah. There's no rule left unbroken as these ladies go at it, with a special emphasis on high-flying moves and painfully hard landings...

The Rematch

Mrs. Peel vs. Miss Pegram

Their previous battle was Emma's toughest. This one
-- under Girls Fight Club rules -- may be even tougher...

The King's Latest Sketchbook!

Never an idle moment for the King, his pencil at work when he's not at the keyboard. Here's what he has been up to recently...

Mrs. Peel Goes Native

You won't believe this crazy "Avengers" plot. Just know that Emma, dons a skimpy sarong, battles spear-wielding thugs, and gets manhandled! She even gets her hair pulled!

A Rivalry Begins

The California Dolls and the Toledo Tigers battle for the first time. Come for the hair-pulling, stay for the stomping!

Farah Gets Delta Lotta Pain!

See Farah get pulled up, then thrown down, by the hair. Repeatedly. Plus, there's an illegally placed kick. Ouch...

From Paradise Island to Save Us All!

Wonder Woman was the first and greatest superheroine, battling Nazis, supervillains and even gods -- like Hephaestus, the hair-pulling brute! We have a newly updated and comprehensive collection of covers showing the Amazon Princess in action -- catfights, hair-pulls, bondage, and lots more fun!

Mrs. Peel Takes Flight

It's Emma Peel in a high-flying battle against a masked baddie. It's the landings that hurt.

`It's All About the Hair-Pulling'

That's our motto. And here, for the true aficionado, is hair-pulling and nothing but hair-pulling, from all media and spanning the decades. Enjoy!

Loser Wears Her ​Birthday Suit

A simple proposition, and both clothes and women take a as Beth and Carla face off a second time. A classic catfight, featuring slaps, yanks, and even some naughty bits.

A Cold War Catfight

Murder, an invisibility formula, and Russian spies -- this calls for Emma Peel! See her battle a high-stepping blonde, and take an unscheduled nap...

Velvet's Bad Hair Day

    They just can't keep their hands out of Velvet's hair! Well, can you blame them? A collection of the the best from the web!

Camel Clutching Manami 

They couldn't beat Japan's greatest women's wrestler too often, but punish her they did. Here's Manami Toyota in the infamous camel clutch! 

The Girls Fight Club Presents:

It's Raining Hair!

We call it "Hair Storm," when one woman, angry beyond reason, makes good on her threat to yank the hair out of her foe's head. 

Superman's Super-Hot Cousin

The Maid of Might takes on all comers, from Egyptians queens and her own Bizarro counterpart, to your usual run of super-villaineses. Here's an expanded presentation of Supergirl catfighting through the ages!

`Ride Her, Cowgirl!'

Lovely long hair is both blessing and curse, especially for a wrestler. Velvet finds this out as "Cowgirl" Wendi goes for a scalping!

The Girls Fight Club Presents:

Girl on the Ceiling

The ceiling -- often referred to as the Mexican or Japanese ceiling -- is a spectacular and painful move. Submission just might be the victim's best choice, but these women don't surrender easy.

Driving Her Point Home

There are few worse places to be than the business end of a pile driver. Yet that's where the great Manami Toyota finds herself in this epic match versus the mighty Aja Kong.

The Girls Fight Club Presents:

The Belly Punch

It's a fan favorite that deserves a showcase of its own! 

The Girls Fight Club Presents

The Atomic Drop,
Tag Team-Style

With a 2-on-1 breaking out during a Battle Royal, it's time for the big bombs to fall. 

Adding Injury to Insult In Akron

The California Dolls take to the ring for the first time in Akron, facing a two tough cookies, a hostile crowd, a crooked ref, and -- a wardrobe malfunction? 

A Gene Rodenberry ​Catfight

After "Star Trek" was canceled, Rodenberry came up with a post-apocalyptic Earth pilot with -- what else? -- catfighting. It didn't sell, but well worth the effort.

Tag Team 101: Cornering a Girl

It's a founding principle of tag-team wrestling -- get an opponent in your corner, and keep her there. Then let the two-on-one beating begin. Here, Fabulous Moolah and Wendi Richter show how it's done against Velvet McIntyre.   

Velvet McIntyre 

Velvet McIntyre was known for her high-flying style and long red hair. First she'd deliver the drop-kicks, then suffer torturous hair-pulling from the likes of Fabulous Moolah and Sherri Martel.
A winning combination!

`Bikini Battle Royale'

Tina and Sylvia don't like each other. They've decided to settle things woman-to-woman, at the Girls Fight Club. Whatever the result, we win!

The Girls Fight Club Presents: `Bikini Battle Royale,' Part II

`Sylvia Collects Her Trophy'

The cost of defeat for Tina is to be bound, picked up and paraded among the cheering crowd. Huzzah! Shout Out

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