Bam! Pow!
Salute to Superheroines! 

Batgirl With the Hair-Pull!

The Ultimate Matchup

How many boys discovered manhood thanks to Wonder Woman and her fellow   superheroines, along with their super-villainess opponents? That's because, in addition to super powers, they also possessed great beauty, enormous breasts and sensational hair. We bring you some of our favorites. The focus is on the female-on-female encounters with, of course, a special emphasis on hair-pulling.

We've gone into some of the comics to feature entire fight scenes
-- such as the two above -- just click and enjoy!

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Superman's Superhot Cousin

Supergirl has always fought crime in the shadow of her more famous relative, not to mention DC's No. 1 superheroine, Wonder Woman. Perhaps the character's high point came when she was killed off in 1985's Crisis of Infinite Earths. Since then, she's enjoyed a rebirth --literally -- with her own comic-book series and a popular TV show. Well-deserved, we say. Let the super-catfights begin!

Wonder Woman Is the Headliner...

...Supergirl Shares Billing With a Dog!

Supergirl Becomes Regular Girl

That Blond Hair Goes On and On

What a Wus

Girl-fight! Girl-Fight!

The Rise and Fall...

...So Poetic

The Supergirls Are Multiplying...

...and Shrinking!

Yet Look Who's Left Standing

Chicago? We'll See More Lois Below

The Kents Would Be Ashamed

Here Comes the Bride!

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Yvonne Craig Began It All

It was back in 1967, and the "Batman" TV series needed a female character to spice it up. Thus was created Batgirl -- the secret identity for Barbara Gordon -- starring professional dancer Yvonne Craig in an impossibly skin-tight outfit and long red hair. Like Supergirl, Batgirl struggled for respect, eventualy getting written out after Crisis. But she, too, has enjoyed several comebacks.

One of the Great Catfight Covers

Corporal Punishment

Kick It Out!

Is Hansel There, Too?

Note Whose Path Batgirl Is Crossing...

...So This Is NOT the First Time

Still, It's a Classic Matchup

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Don't Interfere, Batboy

Reinforced Breast Protection, It Seems

Just Change It to `Woman'

Spider-Woman was created as copyright protection. Marvel, relying on the success of Spider-Man, didn't want someone to steal the idea. She's gone through several incarnations over the years, though has been underused, in our opinion. 

`Best Hair of Any Superhero'

Girls Will Be Girls

Spider-Woman vs. Capt. Marvel

And We Didn't Forget You Bondage Fans...

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A Nod to Feminism

Yep, another female character created off the success of a male superhero, in this case Captain Marvel. At least Marvel was a cultural leader, first using the term "Ms." in 1968, several years before Ms. magazine was founded. After that early guest appearance, Ms. Marvel -- the super identity of Carol Danvers -- got her own series in 1977, and was a mainstay of the Avengers. And she had the last laugh, when she was promoted to Captain Marvel!

We Prefer Long-Haired Ms. M on the Right -- Note Death Bird Doesn't Change

Ms. M Keeps the Black Costume and Long Hair -- Better for Pulling!

Speaking of Hair Pulling...

More Ladies of Marvel

Inside, Catfights and Hair Pulling!

A Lovely Scene, With Hair Pull

Don't Screw With Lois

Superman's main squeeze, Lois Lane was a tough cookie herself. She got into a surprising number of catfights over the years. Predictably, most of them stem from Lois's jealous defense of her super prize. She also tangles with the likes of Wonder Woman and Catwoman. We're impressed.

Lara Lang Is Lois's Main Rival

Not Trying Hard to Stop Them, Is He?

A Nice Hairpull by Lois!

A Two-on-One Gangup!

Lois Just Can't Stay Out of the Hair

Different Planet, Same Problem!

Catwoman Does the Hair Pulling!

Superman Is Definitely Liking This

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Femme Fatales and Lady Dicks

Superheroines weren't the only women mixing it up in the world of comics. One of the popular American genres in the 1940s and '50s was crime comics . These stories told with a "moral" that supposedly redeemed them, but it was the lurid depictions of crime and sex that sold. It was only a matter of time before some clever guy said, "Hey, how about catfights?" The idea caught on.

Crime May Not Pay, But It Sure Is Fun to Watch!

Reminds Us of Our Own Wedding...

...This, Too

Great Lingo By the Prisoner!

Lady Dicks Weren't as Common Then

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A Catfight Comic Smorgasbord

From G.I. Joe to Betty and Veronica, it seems like catfighting makes an appearance in practically every type of comic one can kind. And why not?

That's Not How They Taught in Basic

Archie Truly Is Every Boy

Oh, Jim, Look What You've Done!

Even Porn Stars Got In on the Action!

Reminds Us of Our Own Wedding...

...This One, Too

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