Match 2, Part 2

Separating Head From Body

Seemingly never comfortable without a hand in Iris's hair -- who can blame
her? -- Ayumi again sinks her hand in.
Ayumi uses Iris's hair to maneuver her head...
...into her awaiting legs. And the scissors close!
Iris is trapped, and Ayumi is enjoying it!

A Submission Move

As Ayumi crosses her ankles, she unleashes the crushing power of the scissors on Iris. The referee asks if she submits "Never!" cries Iris.
Yet how much of this can Iris take? Ayuki keeps applying the pressure, and Harry, Molly and Mimi can only look on....
Iris can hardly breathe, consciousness is sliping away....
Iris is almost out...

Taking Charge

`That's a choke, ref!'
`No choke!'
The referee decides to investigate matters for himself...


The ref rules, somehow, that the scissors do not constitute a choke. Mimi and Ayumi love it! Iris disagrees, but is a bit choked up at the moment. Her suffering continues...
Iris looks deperately for help, but there is none coming...

Kick It Out!

"Kick out, Iris," yells Harry, and Mimi calls on Ayumi to finish her.
Gathering the last of her strength,Iris tries to kick out of the scissors!
Iris goes up, and out! She's free!
"That chick truly is the thigh master!"

Coming Soon:

Match 2, Part 3

Molly Mauls