Part 2

Mrs. Peel Is Exposed!

Just as Emma is being given the keys to the kingdom -- er, queendom -- in walks Gladys. "What's SHE doing here?" she says. "I saw her snooping."
Emma gives Henry a chop across his drooping muscles and sinews, and heads for the door!
It's locked! And here comes Gladys...
Emma fight off Gladys, only to find the twin blondes coming in for more.
"And away we go!" Gladys does her Jackie Gleason impersonation as the blondes wrestle with Emma.
As the blondes pin Emma against the wall, up walks Mary. And she's pissed. 

Mary Is Upset With Her Protege

As Mary approaches, Emma decides to greet her with her foot!
It's a miss! So Mary decides to teach Emma a lesson.
The wind-up...
...and the *SLAP*!
Mary sends Emma's head flying!

The Judgment of Mrs. Peel

The slap was satisfying, even enjoyable, for Mary. Now she looks to further humiliate Emma, who betrayed her so badly...
Mary reaches up with her right hand...
...and sinks it into Emma's hair!
As the blondes keep hold of Emma, Mary drags her by the hair over to Henrietta, who has watched it all with interest. 
Mary presents her prisoner to Henrietta.
"This sets us a problem," says Henrietta.
"We've never had to kill a woman before. Never one of our own."

End Part 2