Part 3

The Freaky Secret Comes Out

Look who comes a'calling! It's Steed. But Henrietta is on to him, and the blondes keep a tight check on Emma.
When the lights come on, Steed finds himself surrounded by a merry band of heavily armed young ladies.
The blondes toss Emma over to greet her partner...
...the lucky guy!
Steed gets to meet Henrietta...
...and yada yada, it turns out Henry was controlling the puppet, who was named after his dancer wife, who's dead. It's a weird story .  
More to the point, Emma's about to spring into action!

Mrs. Peel Strikes Back!

With Mary still stunned by yada yada, Emma quickly turns and slaps the machine gun to the floor.
Henry then pulls out his own gun, grabs Henrietta, and heads for the exit. Steed gives him a hard look.
In the meantime, Emma goes for the gun -- and the girls go for her!
It's pile on Peel time!
*SMACK* We can only imagine the punches and kicks the girls are pummeling Emma with, and surely one or two of them have hands yanking away at her beautiful long hair... 

`It's OK, Steed,, I'll manage.'

Yet, with Steed undecided whether to help his partner or go after the freak and his dummy, Emma sends him on his way.

Emma Likes Those Odds

The feminist crew -- we count six of them -- continues to beat on Emma,
when suddenly...
Out flies a girl!
"Ooooo!" She makes a hard landing. One down.
There goes another girl!
Another hard landing, and two down.
Three down. Aren't they cute when they're knocked cold?

One Good Hair-Pull...

As you can well imagine, Emma didn't enjoy Mary's rough treatment. Especially the hair pulling. So, reaching down into her bag of ticks,
out she pulls...
...Mary! By the hair, of course! And the brunette, too!
What could happen next?
*CLONK* Emma takes them out Three Stooges-style.
That's five down. We can only imagine Emma dispatched No. 6 with her famous head-scissors submission move.
"Whew!" Beating up a half-dozen women isn't easy! But there's something more troubling on Emma's mind...
...and it may take a while to get over it. *SHUDDER*

The End

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