Mrs. Emma Peel

The World's Sexiest Spy, Diana Rigg's Gift to Mankind

     Diana Rigg karate-chopped her way into the hearts of men, boys, and lesbians everywhere when she donned the leather as Emma Peel in " The Avengers ." 
     Presenting Mrs. Peel as the sexy young partner to suave agent John Steed, played by Patrick McNee, the British program
premiered on American TVs in March 1966 after three seasons in the U.K. with other co-stars alongside Steed. ​
     This version
featured much-

production values
and brilliant
between Rigg and
McNee. It was
a hit.
​​     Yes, Mrs. Peel was beautiful. But she was also brilliant, funny, independent, and very capable of defending herself. Pinup girl, S&M goddess, feminist icon -- she was all of that and more, wrapped in one lovely package.
​     ​Here at, we concentrate on Mrs. Peel's fights.  ​

     ​In particular, we focus on her encounters with other women, and especially -- of course! -- on the hair-pulling. And there are plenty of fights in "The Avengers," a good number against other women, and a few rare but special hair-pulls in the short time Dame Diana starred on the show. We aim to present, catalogue, and dramatize it all for you right here.
     We start with a several features that will serve as templates for more to come.
​     The first, "The Cybernauts"   is a reenactment of Mrs. Peel's karate match with a lovely blonde in the episode of that name, using photos and text. Second, her battle with a blonde in " The Town of No Return ." Hair gets pulled!  
    ​  "An Agent Scorned," is an all-new story of Mrs. Peel's first meeting with Cathy Gale, who she replaced as Steed's partner. It is not a friendly meeting. In fact, it turns into an epic battle for supemecy that leaves one woman beaten and humiliated, and the other gloatingly triumphant. A must-see. 

Mrs. Peel Takes Flight

It's Emma Peel in a high-flying battle against a masked baddie. It's the landings that hurt.