Match No. 2

Iris Loses Her Head

The Scissors Close As the Dolls Battle
Mimi and Jumbo

     "All the Marbles" is chock full of wrestling action, including a match featuring the Califorina Dolls against a popular Japanese tag-team.

     You may recognize Mimi Hagiwara, an all-time great, along with partner Ayumi "Jumbo" Hori. They lend the film some wrestling credibility, and served as a draw for Japanese viewers.

     The film did better overseas than in the U.S., and it's said that a sequel was planned, with a Japanese setting. Nothing came of it after director Robert Aldrich's death, unfortunately, but what could have been!

     In any case, after the Akron match, Iris, Molly and Harry are off across the industrial Midwest to their next match. Hagiwara and Hori are not presented as Japanese stars, but as just another hopeful tag team.    

     Our focus is on Iris and Ayumi, who start the action. The Japanese wrestler gains the upper hand, and traps Iris in one of the greatest moves in ladies wrestling -- the head scissors! 

​    It's worth the price of admission alone, though we'll have more to come from this match.

Iris, Molly and Harry are off to their next match

Their opponents are Mimi Hagiwara and Ayumi "Jumbo" Huri, two Japanese ring stars

And it is this lovely head of Iris's that is destined to be trapped between Huri's two legs 


Ayumi charges Iris and lands a knee in her midsection. That sets her up for...
...a bounce off the ropes! But what will be awaiting Iris on the return trip?
BOOM! Ayumi meets Iris with a chest slam!
Iris goes down in a heap, and Ayumi goes in for more! Mimi likes it...

A Ride to Remember

Ayumi can't resist all that lovely hair, and with two handfuls of it seeks to convince Iris to get to her feet.
`Finish her!'
Ayumi slips an arm between Iris's legs and lifts -- a fireman's carry!
But this "rescue" won't go well...
Around and around goes Iris, before it's time to land...
THUD! Iris hits the mat and bounces! 
Iris groans, Harry moans, and the crowd goes crazy!

Kneading With the Knee

Again Ayumi uses Iris's magnificent hair to pull her off the canvas...
...and set her up for a series of crushing knees to the body!
...with a final blow Ayumi sends Iris flying backward to the mat with a SLAM!
As Iris sees stars, Mimi sees victory!