Long, Lovely, and Oh! to Pull

Crowning Glories, Indeed,
For These Empresses of Locks!

At the root of the hair-pulling fetish (pun intended) is a desire to get your own hands into that beautiful stuff. Here are some great heads of hair that are just crying out for pulling! So cruel to leave such beauty un-yanked... 
Gentlemen prefer blondes, some say, but we love brunettes and redheads, too. Take your pick!


Don't call them dumb. Call them irresistable... 


These dark-haired beauties have you at one glance, and at one touch it is all over


These flame-haired lovelies have hearts that burn just as hot and red...

Brush It Out!

Emma gives her long locks a good brushing,
 for who knows what will confront her next?

Video of Long, Beautiful Hair