`At the Sound of the Bell,
Come Out Fighting'

Women Settling Matters the Old-Fashioned Way 

There's nothing sexier than two women vying for supremacy, a roaring crowd looking on. We bring matches to life here.

What It's All About: The Hair-Pulling

That's why we're here, folks. Two angry women digging their hands into each other's long locks -- our lifelong passion. We bring you the best we can find. If you have more, please send it along! Thanks, and enjoy!

When Cats Fight

Bikini Battle

The ring isn't the only place women settle their differences. Wherever they do, we follow them. Here, Tina and Sylvia go at it.

Coming Soon: Hair-Pulling in the Hills

`All the Marbles'

Hollywood's gift to women's wrestling fans, with savage action in the ring. Enjoy Molly and Iris's rise to the top of the game.

Plus: Iris Discovers the Pain of the

`Velvet's Bad-Hair Day'

Velvet McIntyre battles against the pro game's toughest women, who can't get their hands out of her long red hair.