`At the Sound of the Bell,
Come Out Fighting'

Women Settling Matters the Old-Fashioned Way 

In the ring or out, there's nothing sexier than women going at it hand to hand, no holds barred, in a ruthless battle for supremacy...
We present here catfighting, women's wrestling, and all forms of female fighting,
from televison, movie, comics and anywhere else it can be found.  

What It's All About: The Hair-Pulling

That's why we're here, folks. Two angry women digging their hands into each other's long locks -- our lifelong passion. We bring you the best we can find. Enjoy!

Camel Clutching Manami 

They couldn't beat Japan's greatest women's wrestler too often, but punish her they did. Here's Manami Toyota in the infamous camel clutch! 

`Ride Her, Cowgirl!'

Lovely long hair is both blessing and curse, especially for a wrestler. Velvet finds this out as "Cowgirl" Wendi goes for a scalping!

The Girls Fight Club Presents:

Girl on the Ceiling

The ceiling -- often referred to as the Mexican or Japanese ceiling -- is a spectacular and painful move. Submission just might be the victim's best choice, but these women don't surrender easy.

A Gene Rodenberry ​Catfight

After "Star Trek" was canceled, Rodenberry came up with a pilot about a post-apocalyptic Earth with -- what else? -- catfighting. It didn't sell, but irt was well worth the effort.

Bikini Battle

Tina and Sylvia engage in a savage catfight, clad in skimpy string bikinis. Which long-haired beaty will win -- and keep her top on? 

`The Legend of
Frenchie King'

Brigitte Bardot vs. Claudia Cardinale in an improbable French Western. Two of the most beautiful women in the world take part in a knock-down, drag-out catfight that's among the greatest ever filmed.

Catfighting in the Hollywood Hills

When anger suddenly boils over, Carla and Beth go at it with feminine fury. The two beauties are complemented by their locale -- the Santa Monica Mountains. We'll see many lovely peaks as the ladies fight it out...  

`All the Marbles'

Hollywood's gift to women's wrestling fans, with savage action in the ring. Enjoy Molly and Iris's rise to the top of the game.

Bad-Hair Day'

Velvet McIntyre battles the toughest ladies in professional wrestling, women who just can't seem to keep their  hands out of her long red hair. Who can blame them?