Match 1: Akron, Part III

And All Hell Breaks Loose

     Yes, Harry's had enough, and in he comes to -- what? Complain to the referee?

    In any case, he doesn't get far. Akron 1 greets him with a big right hand.

     "Don't interfere, little man! This is woman's work."

Four's a Crowd

In comes Molly, and it's a four-woman brawl!
Iris uses the distraction to get her revenge, grabbing the hair-grabber by the hair. And, as Molly flies toward an uncertain fate....  
...Iris brings her oponent into the ring the hard way!
And two girls make hard landings.

The Ref Gets No Respect

As Akron 1 goes for wounded Molly, Iris gathers herself...
...and slams a shoulder into the referee. He hits the mat hard!

And the Crowd Goes Crazy!

The End

(Honestly, that's how it ended. No conculsion. Next scene, in car on to next match.)