Match 1: Akron, Part II

The Cornering of Iris

As we return to the action, we see Iris from behind -- no sign of the outfit malfunction. She's been hauled up by the hair, which her opponent then uses to throw her into a hostile corner. 
Now that Iris in the corner and handy, Akron No. 2 decides to lend a hand...
She grabs hold of Iris's shining locks as Akron No. 1 loads up a right!
Iris takes it on the chin!

Pound Until Tender

Now that they've got the hang of it, the girls from Akron go to work on Iris!
And look at the ref! He sees this blatent rule-breaking taking place, yet he lets it go on. Well done, sir! You're a credit to your striped shirt.
Akron No. 1 pounds away on her trapped opponent!

`Finish Her!'

The Akron faithful are on their feet cheering as their local girls pummel Iris. Victory is in their hands, the crowd thinks. But not too soon, please. Let their wrestlers have some fun, first!  
Molly can only watch as Iris is pounded again and again in the far corner.
Finally the ref takes an interest in the girl on the outside, while the beating continues on the inside.

A Surprise Visitor

The referee looks on, bystander-style, and lets the pounding go on. Iris can't take much more of this...
...neither can Molly, who decides to break it up!
Molly's rule-breaking is pointed out by the Akron wrestler who, from the ring apron, continue to hold Iris by the hair as her teammate beats her.
What can she be pointing at?
It's not Molly, it's Harry the manager!