Mrs. Peel vs. the Anti-Mrs. Peel

Opposites Attract,
Sometimes in
Explosive Fashion

     Steed and Mrs. Peel are called on to investigate a financial firm  where some funny things are going on. The place is  filled with suspects, but Emma sizes them up. 

     "Miss Pegram, is the tough one," she tells her surprised partner, singling out their only female foe.

     Indeed, there is an edge to the redhead, who is in absolute control of the operation, and proves her ruthlessness before the episode is over. 

     Mrs. Peel's declaration could only forshadow a final confrontation between the two women, and the producers don't disappoint. 

     Miss Pegram is well described as " the anti-Mrs. Peel " by one critic. While Emma was born to wealth, married well, and inherited an industrial conglomerate, Miss Pegram is a single working-girl, who had to fight and claw her way to the top of a man's world.

     "I joined the Littoff organization 14 years ago as a chartered accountant," she tells Steed, resentment oozing. "A woman, in a world of pin-stripes and grey flannel, an alien."

     But, at some point, Miss Pegram (they don't provide a first name) crossed the line from ruthless efficiency to ruthless criminal conduct. 

     Then she became the true opposite of Emma, who risks her life to protect life, property and the British way of life.

    Just as the must be a final confrontation between Good and Evil, so there must be between Mrs. Peel and Miss Pegram

Yolande Turner as Miss Pegram

Diana Rigg as Emma Peel

Think of this lovely head between two shapely legs...

sublime head-scissors! ​​​The only thing it's missing is some hair-pulling.

Close investigation, however, shows that there WAS an attempted hair-grab that was thwarted at the last second. Watch for it! 

     In any case, Miss Pegram proves to be the toughest of all of Mrs. Peel's female opponents. And the fight is a delight. We hope you agree.  
     It's a well choreographed fight by stunt director Ray Austin (along with an earlier one versus some toughs). The ladies trade slaps and kicks, even a monkey flip and a

The Story Is Broken Into Two Parts. Click for Part 2: The Main Event 

Part 1: The Preliminaries

Emma vs. Two Thugs on the Street

It's all clear, so Emma breaks into a parked car, and checks out the papers within. But it looks like she's drawn company...
Emma doesn't surprise easy, and with a quick twist of her wrist...
...into the boot he goes!
Now to shut the door on this thug!

Enter Thug Number Two

Emma, intent on her task, doesn't see that something wicked her way comes...
SLAM! Too late for the boy in the boot.
Now Emma's surprised, but she fights back!

No More Fooling Around

Bully's don't like girls who fight back, and this one goes for the knockout!
Instead, Emma blocks his haymaker, then chops and kicks away!
Emma tries another chop, but the thug grabs and tosses her...
...into a brick wall! Ouch.
The crowd senses the end, as he closes on Emma...

`Finish Her!'

...she fights back, but he's too big, too strong...
He goes for the throat!
This could be the end for Mrs. Peel...

`Finish Him!'

Emma isn't choked that easy! She breaks the hold...
...maneuvers him into position...
...and is that a smile on Emma's face?
Why not a smile, as she send him for a ride.
Dear, sweet Emma even checks to see how much damage she's done -- when up walks yet another baddie!
False alarm! It's only Steed. No need to hit him just now.

End Part 1