Part2: The Main Event

Mrs. Peel vs. Miss Pegram

Mrs. Peel says she's come for the dogs. Old Glover, though, seems to know better.
Miss Pegram does not look amused.

` the tough one.'

`Miss Pegram...'

Emma, handcuffed to a lovely poster bed with Steed, sizes up the situation, and knows her next task won't be easy.
Mrs. Peel can pick locks, too!

The Trap Is Set

When Miss Pegram comes in and finds her prisoners missing, Steed knocks her gun away. Mrs. Peel approaches from behind, steely eyed.
Steed grabs the gun, and Emma moves in on Miss Pegram...
SMACK! She unloads with a backhand across the face. ​
Miss Pegram lands on the bed, and in dives Mrs. Peel...
...but Miss Pegram is gone in a flash of red!
At least Emma lost that ridiculous hat!

They Call This, Working the Poll

Miss Pegram uses the bed-pole like a seasoned go-go dancer...
...and goes for the head-scissors on Mrs. Peel!
"What a sexy fight!" thinks Steed, who has been watching the women go at it instead of going after the other bad guys. And since he does have the gun, he could put an end to the catfight. Nah! But why stop a good thing?
Steed's going to miss his darling Emma take a painful ride!
Emma shakes off the cobwebs after Miss Pegram's perfect execution of a pro-wrestling maneuver. Well done!

Miss Pegram Goes for the Win

Mrs. Peel literally pulls the rug out from under Miss Pegram, sending her flying backwards to the floor!
Emma goes back on the offensive!

On the Hair-Pull Question...

While it's true that no hair is pulled in this fight, just what is Mrs. Peel's intent here? What is she grabbing for, if not the hair!
Emma is mere inches from sinking her hand into those shiny red locks...
But Miss Pegram is too quick, shooting her legs up into Emma's midsection before a hair is touched. 
Emma is catapulted away by Miss Pegram's mighty legs, which she's already experienced once up-close and personal. A lesson learned for Mrs. Peel: Leave the cheating to the villainesses.

Emma Takes a Seat ... Then Loses It

Bottoms up!
And what is the acrobatic Miss Pegram up to now?
A perfectly executed kip-up -- in heels!
Miss Peagram is on her feet, and Emma is in her sights.

`Just Let Me at Her!'

Emma crashes head over heels to the floor, and Miss Pegram rushes to take advantage of the opportunity.
At this point, it's worth stepping back and assessing what we've witnessed. There's no arguing that Miss Pegram has kicked Mrs. Peel's butt so far. Emma had the sneak-attack slap and the rug stunt, but otherwise she's been on the the receiving end of the abuse. First came Miss Pegram's terrific head-scissors-into-a-throw, then the double-kick that sent Mrs. Peel flying, and finally the kip-up -- it's been all Miss Pegram thus far. From the look of the scene above, it's clear the fight should soon be over. Emma is in a vulnerable position, and Miss Pegram only needs another move or two to finish her. Can she do it?

Snatching Defeat...

Miss Pegram goes for a body kick, not an unreasonable choice, but it doesn't surprise her Mrs. Peel. Though on her knees, she blocks the kick, and catches Miss Pegram's leg... 
From the ground, Emma is able to turn away the attack and shove Miss Pegram in the opposite direction...
...where there happens to be a wall.
Another smile from Emma. You know what this means?
Now it's Mrs. Peel's turn to execute a pro-wrestling move -- a monkey flip . Watch Miss Pegram going flying!
Miss Pegram gets a soft landing as the fight returns to the bed.
Emma grabs an arm, and twists...
Emma beats Miss Pegram, yet she knows how close she was to defeat herself.  


Steed seems to have the situation under control, as Mrs. Peel comes out with her trophy in hand

`I am so going to kick your ass!'

`Anytime, bitch.'

And so ends Emma's most difficult fight, against her most dangerous foe. Just another day in the life of a catfighting spy!

The End